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Our mission is to help retailers save carts, time and money by significantly decreasing shopping cart loss, provide real-time data, and increase customer satisfaction


An intuitive, customer-friendly app to incentivize, gamify, and encourage consumers to return their shopping carts to the Trac hub at the conclusion of their retail experience, as well as report on their cart’s condition

The Hub

An expertly engineered, easy-to-install, unobtrusive shopping cart retraction system that manages supermarket, mall and department store parking-lot shopping cart hubs.


 A tool for retailers to further TRAC and connect with their consumers, and TRAC shopping trends.

Technology, engineering and psychology

come together to turn shopping cart pain into a pleasurable experience.


Proprietary programming and smart technology ensures optimal user interface and experience.


Customers unlock, engage, and return cart with smart technology. The interface of hub, smartphone, and cart chip generate a pleasurable connected ecosystem.

Designed and Powered by Freetail™ Technologies Ltd.


Sophisticated machining and engineering results in a durable track apparatus and un/locking system.

Elegant Kiosk

Housed in a beautiful kiosk, an expertly engineered shopping cart retraction system and physical cart hub manages supermarket, mall and department store parking-lot shopping carts.

Designed and Powered by Freetail™ Technologies Ltd.


TRAC was born of understanding what customers want and what will make them happy.


TRAC is another means of positive customer engagement, enhancing customer loyalty and offering community-building opportunities.

Our first pilot is live!

Our first pilot is live in Israel with 21K shopping trips and 6k unique shoppers tracked to date

“I haven’t thought about my carts since we signed up with TRAC. It’s a solved problem.”

Itzik Michaeli


Decrease in cart losses

In savings to date

In TCV Potential

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