About Us

TRAC is “cart” spelled backward.
TRAC moves carts forward.

TRAC is a proprietary hub, technology, and program that tracks retail shopping carts and incentivizes cart retraction. The confluence of engineering, smart connectivity, and psychology turns shopping cart frustration into another avenue of engagement. 

Designed and Powered by Freetail™ Freetail Acquisition LLC.

Freetail™ Acquisition’s System is protected by patent and trademarks and the use of TRAC is made under an exclusive limited license.

Our Values


We believe that loyalty is everything. We created TRAC to solidify the loyalty between retailer and consumer.


Our planet is our home. By ensuring that no cart goes to waste, we help protect and preserve our planet.


We value time. TRAC ensures that every shopper saves time by never waiting or searching for a shopping cart.


The more we can synchronize humanity, technology and product the more we can harmonize life.

save carts.
save time.
save customers.
save money.


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