save carts.
save time.
save customers.
save money.


the pain

Two million+ shopping carts are lost or stolen annually in the food retail industry alone, equaling $400 million+ in liabilities. Human resources and cart maintenance and repairs negatively affect your bottom line. Cart shortage or inaccessibility results in customer frustration and lost loyalty and sales.

Based on our research, the average mid-size retailer in the United States experiences
$90-100k in annual shopping cart losses due to cart damages, thefts, maintenance, and human resources.

the pleasure

Initiating TRAC into your retail experience immediately changes the pain into a pleasure.
We install the TRAC hub in your parking
lot, keeping track of and locking in
your shopping carts.

Shopper unlocks cart, each outfitted with an unobtrusive sensor, with app, fob, customer ID, or guest phone number.
Shopper shops, receiving (optional) coupons, loyalty points, special notifications along the way. Cart sensor senses when cart leaves and is returned to hub. Upon checkout, shopper is reminded to return cart to TRAC hub. Inspired and incentivized happy shopper returns cart to hub, and you save millions.

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